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Venue Hire

High Street Venue Hire


All groups must carry their own insurance cover and appropriate licenses for the activity in which they are involved.

Call us for a quote from as little as:-

-$60 per day 

-$100 per day including use of computers and internet

-$20 per hour

In the case of conflict, priority will be given to:-

  • A Community member Group on the GraniteNet web site with community group users requiring a regular booking having first priority.
  • Business users taking a regular booking.


Note: for regular long term room hire, rates are negotiable but generally are 30% less than the applicable hourly/daily rate.  In this context regular means the same time and same day of the week for 8 weeks or more.  For regular users holding a key will be charged a $25.00 deposit, refundable at the end of the hire. 

Not withstanding the above, the rate of rent, or whether rent is to be paid, may be determined by the Board.

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