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NEC Broadband For Seniors


Broadband for Seniors

GraniteNet is your local FREE kiosk, and you may qualify for free lessons, and free use of the kiosk computers provided to surf the internet! 


The project aims are to provide seniors with free access to Broadband for Seniors Kiosks, help them gain confidence using computer technology and to build community participation and social inclusion amongst older Australians.

This initiative is aimed at people aged 50 years and over who have never had the opportunity  to learn how to operate a computer or explore the Internet and who feel threatened by this technology or believe it is too late to learn.  People in this group who have a desire to learn can freely do so with help from their peers in a familiar environment.  They will learn how to use a computer, how to explore information on the World Wide Web and how to stay in touch with friends and family online.  The Broadband for Seniors concept is to provide a seniors-friendly environment where they can come and learn basic computer and Internet skills. 


For more informatin on Broadband for Seniors go to 

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