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Notice to all Community Groups

GraniteNet is migrating it's website to our new community portal this year where community groups will still be able to obtain either a free web page or complete website, so nothing is changing there, we are just giving you more options for free... You can even attach your own domain name*.

We encourage community groups to sign up now to avoid the rush at crunch time. ~

As a result of the GraniteNet migration, all existing members will be notified by email or mail or telephone of the changes and the existing website will cease in it's current capacity by July 1st 2017.

So what does this migration mean for you and your community group?

  • A modern design website that allows endless possibilities~
  • Fully mobile device compatible website~
  • Easy to use interface for beginners~
  • FREE help any time at our shop, 159 High Street, Stanthorpe.~
  • FREE technical support 24/7 (for community groups only)~
  • A secure and indipendent website built on the WordPress platform~
  • Better exposure with search engines~
  • More flexibility~
  • abbreviated short domain for media exposure (i.e )~
  • Domain name purchase and add-on*
  • Account upgrades*
  • Visual Composer editor for advanced users~
  • and soooo much more...

We encourage community groups to sign up now to avoid the rush at crunch time. ~!

Want to contribute? We want to hear from you!  

* Some add-on features may require a purchase plan. 

~No purchase necessary.

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