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Myth Busters and Energy Saving Tips

Myth Busters, Appliance Cost Calculator and Energy Saving Tips

We could all use a few tips to save us $$    Large pink piggybank

Ever wondered how much your electrical appliances or internal home lighting or air conditioner costs to run?  Interested in saving a few dollars on your electricity bill?  Our local electrical energy provider has an online appliance cost calculator.  It’s easy to use and can be accessed HERE. 

Want to know what the Top Ten Energy Sense Tips are as well as a few myth busters when it comes to electricity?  For instance laptop or PC – which one saves the most energy?  Or how to use your second fridge to best advantage?  Both the TIPS and the MYTH BUSTERS are in one of this year's issues of Ergon’s newsletter aptly called THE WIRE. 

To access the valuable energy saving tips, click HERE.

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