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Coming Soon... |MEDIA RELEASE|

GraniteNet is expanding soon..

We are migrating to a more efficient, and easier to use platform, that caters to the modern needs of the community. Offering independent websites and paperless opportunities for local community groups and local businesses alike to name a few of the new features on offer. Our free services will remain, with more available options and paid services on the immediate horizon. 

Want to help us achieve our end goal? We are all volunteers that believe in the vision that GraniteNet abides by. Call in to 159 High Street, Stanthorpe (next to the regal cafe), or call (07)46814384 for a copy of our volunteers pack. If your community group would like to get involved, or wants to participate in the trial of our new service, please contact us .

The rollout will not interrupt existing services, however we will be encouraging existing members to migrate their content to our new website once we have stage 1 completed..

Keep your eyes on this space to follow our progress! (updated monthly)

The 1st stage of the rollout 'should' be complete by the end of May 2016. On Track (See below)



Approximate Rollout:

Stage 1

July 1st 2016: Our new website will be launched that encompasses the basics of what we already offer via and will include a few neat extras and a much more flexible interface for editors and the community. 

July 15th 2016: The new services section will be brought online offering a few new services for the community.

*June 15th 2016 is our official sof-launch date, which will allow us to trial a few areas of the site publicly. 

Stage 2

August 1st 2016: Volunteer drive - We will be marketing for assistance in extending our platform

August 15th 2016: The new billing and admin areas will become functional offering a range of additional paid and free services.

August 18th 2016: We will have the new granitenet informational pages/site available.

August 30th 2016: The remaining new services will come online bringing a new perspective to the community.

August 30th 2016: Most of the regional information pages should be available at this time.

Stage 3 

September 15th 2016: The regional location click map should be completed

September 30th 2016: We aim to have our training and life skills portal operational.

October 30th 2016: We should have the business directory fully populated with all local businesses from the region.

Stage 4

June 30th 2017 (or sooner): We hope to have all community groups migrated to the new setup, at which point we will discontinue the current website functionality and finalise the transfer of GraniteNet to the new system.


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