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Granite Belt Wine & Tourism Inc. (GBWT)

The Granite Belt Wine & Tourism Inc. (GBWT) represents the interests of those involved in, or benefiting from, tourism in the Queensland wine capital. Collaboratively we market the region under the brand Granite Belt Wine Country - visit

Granite Belt Wine Country

About us

GBWT was formed in July 2007 following the merger of the Granite Belt Wine Association and the Granite Belt Tourist Association. GBWT is a not-for-profit group with approximately 150 financial members. 

The GBWT is a progressive group, focused, innovative and cohesive. We foster excellence in sustainable tourism, and are committed to developing our members' businesses or their organisations and to helping them to deliver a positive, unique and memorable tourism experiences to visitors.


Membership is available at two levels: Full membership applies to anyone on the Granite Belt whose primary business activity is in tourism, enabling them to achieve economies of scale through co-operative marketing and a recognised marketing levy scheme; Associate Membership applies to others who derive only part of their income from tourism, such as local business operators, artists or community groups.

Visitor Centre

GBWT operates the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre on Quart Pot Creek. The Centre is open Daily 9-5 with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday and volunteers are welcome. Phone 1800 SO COOL or 4681 2057.

The Granite Belt

 The Granite Belt is a premium food and wine destination surrounded by stunning national parks and prehistoric granite formations. The region sits high on the Great Dividing Range more than 900m above sea level on the Queensland and New South Wales border. 

The terroir creates a region of four seasons and a climate a world away from Queensland counterparts – yet only 2.5 hours drive from Brisbane. The seasons guide life on the Granite Belt and the produce it reaps. Crisp mountain air combine with warm breezy days and chilly winter mornings; on occasion it even snows. 

Stretching just 60kms from north to south and roughly half as wide, the Granite Belt is small but diverse. Dotted along the New England Highway are quant villages and hamlets, with Stanthorpe (the name deriving from its tin mining roots) its main central town. 

Through the region, country lanes wind through vineyards, orchards and the namesake granite boulders that dot the landscape like crazy marbles. If it’s a tranquil escape from reality, a gourmand’s indulgence or a healthy rejuvenation you’re in need of, the Granite Belt has something to offer you. 

For an experience of elevated taste, culture and nature find out more at


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