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Stanthorpe YMCA


Stanthorpe YMCA

The YMCA is a community based charity that delivers programs and services to help build strong people, strong families and strong communities from over 500 YMCA centers across Australia. We work in partnership with government, non-profit groups and partners to provide programs and services to more than 500,000 Australians every week in health and fitness, recreation, accommodation, child care, camping, youth and family services.



      Health and Wellness    


The YMCA approach to health and fitness is that a person is made up of a body, a mind and a spirit, and each component must be nurtured for the person to achieve wellness.

Our staff offer programs designed for people of all ages and abilities. It might be a low impact weights class for older adults; a rehabilitation session for a back injury or maybe a personal training session.

Services Offered:
Tai Chi
Raging Ageing
Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Program
Gym Memberships




   Sports and Recreation  


The YMCA offers a range recreation and leisure activities; from gymnastics and touch football to basketball and community events. We have a proven capacity to introduce people to the benfits of a healthy lifestyle. The Y works in partnership iwth national sporting bodies to ensure our programs and service are of the best quality, and we work hard to ensure that our programs are accessible to all.

Services Offered:
Futsal-Mens, Ladies
Touch Football-Mens and Mixed
5-a-side Soccer-Ladies and Mens
Mixed Volleyball
Junior Basketball
Physical Culture
Martial Arts

Child Care Services

A child’s first years of life set the foundation stone for their lifetime. It is a time to shape their development and build assets that will see a child become a positive, healthy young person who can grasp every opportunity presented. The YMCA understands how important it is for each child to be given these essential building blocks in life so they can reach their full potential

The YMCA is a recognised provider of quality Child Care services. In Australia more than 400 YMCAs offer some type of children’s services programming. Contact your local Y for a full list of programs available to your family.

Services Offered:
Vacation Care
Outside School Hours Care
- Pick up after School
- Provide Aternoon Tea
- Assist with Homework
- Active After School
  (Fit and Healthly Kids Program-Twice Weekly)
- Government Child Rebate Available to All

Storm King Dam Camp
Fred Rogers Recreational Camp

Located on the edge of Storm King Dam the Fred Rogers Recreational Camp is situated in a picturesque location overlooking the waterway and natural bushland environment only minutes from Stanthorpe. The camp is complemented by the natural surroundings of Girraween National Park.

Fully refurbished accommodation is available for up to 60 people under one roof. Group bookings will have access to all of the facilities including the recreation and dining rooms, camp grounds and sporting equipment.

The site is ideal for family reunions, weddings, club meets or just weekends away with a group of friends. (minimum booking of 20 required).

The Stanthorpe YMCA also offers educational packages through partnerships within the local community. Stanthorpe's unique horticultural, national parks and  the Qld College of Wine and Tourism (QCWT) provides an opportunity for schools (primary/high) to offer students an unique and educational experience why visiting the district.

For more information please visit our website

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