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Football Stanthorpe Inc.

The Football Stanthorpe competition boasts a junior competition and a senior competition with three divisions which is supported by seven clubs; International FC, Ballandean SC, Stanthorpe Carlton United FC, Stanthorpe City FC, Stanthorpe United SC, Tenterfield SC and Warwick FC. The senior competition has a Colts, Open Ladies and A-Grade Men’s divisions while Clubs side Junior teams in each age group from Under 6's throught to Under 14's. Football Stanthorpe Season generally commences with a pre-season competition in February and continues in April with the Premiership competition concluding in September with a Grand Final series; where clubs play to win the Dorrie Barton Memorial Trophy.

Football Stanthorpe Inc
Chairman: Ian Dopson
Vice Chairperson: Jaye Messina
Secretary: Carlo Diluca
Treasurer: Steve McEvoy
Director of Coaching: Franco Arcidiacnono
Parton: Hon Lawrence Springborg MP

To get invovled please the following Clubs:

Ballandean Soccer Club:
President: Neil Newman Ph: 0438 639 626
Secretary: Nicole Rametta Ph: 0400 599 929

Stanthorpe City Football Club
President:Peter Biddulph Ph: 0459 762 887
Secretary: Karen Lange Ph: 0409 543 641

Stanthorpe Carlton United Football Club
President:Scott Goodwin Ph: 0414 225 620
Secretary: Shannon Armbruster Ph: 0418 268 086

Stanthorpe United Soccer Club
President: Brian Westerhout Ph: 0459 029 419
Secretary: Julie-Ann Spiller Ph: 0427 813 230

International Football Club
President: Steve Willocks Ph: 0410 702 029
Vice President: Raymond Mattiazzi Ph: 0419 722 909

Tenterfield Soccer Club
President: Amy Condrick Ph: 0421 565 183
Secretary: Glenn Caisley Ph: 0412 489 585

Warwick Football Club
President: Peter Darton Ph: 0427 498 478
Secretary: Paul Butler Ph: 0423 647 890

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