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Stanthorpe Bridge Club Inc.


Stanthorpe Contract Bridge Club

Stanthorpe Bridge Club is a QBA and ABF affiliated club (#4679).  We have duplicate sessions every Thursday.  We meet at the Senior Citizens Rooms, Marsh St, Stanthorpe.  Playing time is 10.45 for an *11.00 AM* start.

As of 2011, scoring is done with bridgemates and ASE8 scorer.  The bridgemates, printer and computer were purchased with a grant from the state government.

As of Oct 2013 we now have a dealer4 for computerized deals.  These were purchased with a grant from Gaming Machine Community Development Fund with the QBA as a sponsor.  

As of Jan 2014 we have moved to scoring routinely with Compscore2 to bring us in line with our Warwick neighbours and most of the rest of QLD.

Latest Results:

Thurs 26th May Green Points. Howell Movement, 1 fields, 7 rounds, 28 boards.              

1 Chris Farr / Shelley Farr   57.3% 0.40  
2 Margaret Finlay / Violet Huggett 52.1% 0.28
3= Joy Newman / Jewel Bell   51.0%   0.10  
3= Gerald Embery / Teresa Fraser 51.0% 0.10

All placings    Results by board     Hand Records 


Stanthorpe Bridge Club Congress Sat 21 May - Results

Past Events:

QLD Wide Pairs  Qld result 

Robert Channon Wines 2015 Border Pairs    Sat  Nov 14  Stanthorpe
  Placings & Red pts 
  Hand Records     Results by board - Boards 1-30  Boards 31-36 adjusted for actual vulnerabilities. 
  Results by pair  (ignore bds 31-36, see above)


Aust Wide Pairs 2015.  National results 
  Stanthorpe 1 day congress  Sun May 17   Placings
  Bridge for Brains   Local   National
  April 20 2016 Warwick Novice Inv Pairs #1  Placings
  Feb 8     Warwick Congress  Placings

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