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Angel Flight Australia

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Angel Flight Australia (AF) is a charity organisation providing assistance topeople who need to travel to major centres for medical purposes. The modeof transport is by volunteer private aircraft. The charter of AF is to help fillthe gap between aero medical providers such as Care Flight and the RoyalFlying Doctor Service, and normal forms of transport such as self driving orpublic transport.
Our Mission:
AF provides flights for non emergency patients and carers who needmedical treatment at places where other forms of transport are physicallyor emotionally taxing or are unaffordable by the patient. To be eligible forAF assistance the patient must be able to enter and exit an aircraft unaidedand sit upright with a seat belt on during the flight. Flights can be as long asCunnamulla to Toowoomba or as short as Warwick to Brisbane where thestress of driving or other methods of transport are a problem for the patient.The flights are at no cost to the patient whatsoever.Initially the patient and health provider discuss the patient’s circumstances.The health provider contacts AF on the phone number below and discussesthe patient’s eligibility for assistance. The health provider is required toregister with AF, which can be done simply on the web site below. All flightsare arranged by AF to suit the needs of the patient, and patients can benefitfrom multiple flights. One young lady from Chinchilla with severe kidneyproblems was flown by AF more than 400 times over several years. It is notunusual for patients to be flown numerous times.
Community Good Will
AF receives no Government support and depends entirely on the goodwill ofthe community through private donations and organisations such as Rotaryand Lions for funds to provide this great community service. Volunteerscan help as Earth Angels who transport patients by car from airport tothe medical centre, and return to the airport. Volunteer pilots donate theiraircraft, time, skills and some costs to allow patients to travel in comfortfrom rural and regional towns to major centres in as short a time as practical.Both pilots and aircraft must meet stringent CASA requirements to be able toconduct flights. As of June 2012, AF had completed more than 13,000 flightssince its inception in 2003.
Latest Stanthorpe Activities
An Angel Flight beneficiary evening was held at the property of Fay andMike Roselt on Border Road in mid November, 2011. The weather gods
were kind and the night around the camp fire turned out to be a great successwith everyone having an enjoyable evening under the stars and full moon.Throughout the night many stories were exchanged with the “tallness”seeming to increase somewhat as the evening wore on.Attendees were entertained by the live music and singing of the “StunnedPossums” in between conversations with all and sundry. Young Zac Vichiedid an excellent job of keeping the camp fire stoked and managing thecontributions for the meals and drinks.Local businesses also supported the night either directly or by donations.Anna’s Restaurant, Castlemaine Perkins, The Summit Fruit, Robert ChannonWines, QCWT, Woolworths, IGA, and Strawberry Fields all providedproduce or products for the evening meal and beverages. Our local TargetCountry store chipped in with a gift voucher. Other businesses includingPierpoint Motors, Central Motors, Cattarins Mechanical Repairs and LoganSteel Real Estate helped out with donations.A great evening was enjoyed by everyone and importantly, thanks to thegenerosity of all involved, $756 was raised for Angel Flight. Commencingin May 2010, there have been 50 Angel flights into and out of Stanthorpehelping three members of our community. As Angel Flight receives no grantsfrom governments, it depends on the generosity of people through eventssuch as the above; Opera in the Vineyard; and donations from service clubsand/or individuals to provide this wonderful voluntary service to our regionalcommunities.
Contact Details:
To find out more about Angel Flight Australia please go to the and explore. If you are interested in volunteering,information is available on the website. If you are interested in registeringas a health provider or volunteering, feel free to contact Angel Flight on 0736208300 or by email.Visit Angel Flight's current newsletter, click here.

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