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Stanthorpe Landcare was established many years ago to address the issues of the rural and urban population in the the area covered by the former Stanthorpe Shire. In its early days, the group was instrumental in developing a major vegetation study of the area and strove to have pest and weed issues placed higher up the natural resource funding priority list. The Stanthorpe Landcare coordinator is the link between the community and the area's regional body, the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee (QMDC).

One of the most effective ways to deal with environmental issues is for land managers to work with their neighbours as a group. Group property planning (or sub catchment planning) has the potential to achieve improvements in the environment at a landscape scale. Land managers can contact the coordinator to assist them in this process.

The coordinator is also able to assist land managers with information on land management, workshops, info days, contacts and applications for funding.

At this time, please contact QMDC on 07 4637 6200 or email if you would like more information.

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