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Granite Borders Landcare Committee

Granite Borders Landcare Committee (GBLC) is a cross border, cross catchment umbrella group representing Landcare groups sharing a common interest in the region. Covering: Southern Downs Regional Council (QLD) Tenterfield Shire Council (NSW) Glen Innes Severn Shire Council (NSW) Supported by: Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NSW) Border Rivers - Gwydir Catchment Management Authority (NSW) 

Landcare Groups

Landcare groups form in local areas to work together on natural resource management issues and projects relevant to their area. Landcare Groups tackle many different issues in many various ways, it is not just about tree planting or Lovegrass. Groups benefit from being part of a network like the Granite Borders Landcare Committee (GBLC), through the exchange of information and ideas across a wide area. If you want to be involved in Landcare you can:- 

Join an existing Landcare Group: There are 27 Landcare Groups in the Granite Borders, so there is a good chance that there is already a Landcare group in your area. A list of local groups and what they are doing is opposite. 

Form a new Landcare Group: If there is no Landcare Group in your area, or you want to deal with a specific issue you can start a new Landcare Group. Landcare is what you want to make it; some groups have regular meetings, some just get together for working bees & field days; some elect an executive, others just have a main contact person; some groups apply for Government funding for projects, some groups are for information exchange. There are no set rules for the operation of Landcare groups, it is just what ever suits the group best. 

Current Landcare Group Projects

  • 2011 Flood Recovery Project
  • Lantana Control on the Timbarra River
  • Indian Myna – Education
  • Pest Animal – Education
  • Revegetation – Tenterfield & Stanthorpe
  • Tenterfield Community Garden

Landcare Groups with links

Other programs Landcare is involved with:

  • Waterwatch
    • Education program for schools and groups to monitor water quality in their local creeks and rivers. 
  • Land for Wildlife 
    • A volunteer program that aims to encourage private landholders to provide native habitat for wildlife on parts of their properties. 
  • Co-ordinated Feral Animal Trapping & Baiting  


For further information please contact:

Granite Borders Landcare Committee
PO Box 400 (Martin Street)

Community Support Officer
Ph. 02 6736 3500 
Fax. 02 6736 3500

Mandy Craig
Project Manager
Ph. 02 6736 3500
Fax. 02 6736 3500
Mob. 0438 894 556

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