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Rescuing Macropods

Macropod means 'large foot' and includes kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos

NOTE: Stress is a major factor in the death of all forms of orphaned, injured or sick macropods.  In all situations, try to keep stress to the animal to a minimum.


Rescuing Adult Macropods

Kangaroo lying down

  • If you have come across an adult macropod who has been hit by a car or otherwise injured, it is highly unlikely the animal will be able to be saved. 
  • Call a wildlife carer immediately who can make arrangements for the animal to be assessed or put down if necessary.
  • Cover the animal (including the head) with a blanket, towel or jumper to minimise stress.


Rescuing Unfurred Joeys

Unfurred joey

  • If the adult is already deceased, and is a female, check the pouch to see if there is a joey inside and relay this information to the wildlife carer.
  • If the joey is pink and without fur, gently insert the tip of your small finger into the corner of its mouth to get it to release the teat.
  • Cover and wrap the joey in something warm, eg a blanket, towel or jumper. 
  • Take the joey to the macropod coordinator or a macropod carer.


Rescuing Furred Joeys

Furred joey

  • If the joey is furred, and in the pouch, carefully remove it, cover it's head and wrap it in something warm, to keep it calm and snug.
  • If the joey is furred and not in the pouch, it may be next to it's mother's body or nearby in the bushes or drain.
  • Assess the road traffic situation before you attempt to approach a frightened, wild joey on your own.  If it is unsafe, do not approach.  Keep an eye on where it goes, call a wildlife carer and wait until they arrive.
  • Once contained, wrap the joey in something warm to keep it calm and snug.
  • Take the joey to the macropod coordinator or a macropod carer.



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