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19th March outing – Quart Pot tree planting working bee


Since the Stanthorpe River Improvement Trust has made a request for us to look at revegetating areas along the creek which have been affected by the recent excavator works we have decided to hold a tree planting day instead of the programmed outing.  The concern is that the bare soil needs to be stabilised as soon as possible in case of flood damage and also, as there are some plants available from Mole Station Nursery, the sooner they are planted the better their chance of getting established before winter.


Now the tricky bit is that some of the plantings has to be on islands so it will be an interesting exercise to ferry plants and people across on canoes, boats and rafts- something which is not covered by our Scale of Difficulty for Nats Walks!  I envisage only 3 or 4 people need to cross to the islands while others load plants etc on a raft which can be pulled across with a rope.  There are two areas to be planted-the island and bank at Heritage Park and the island near the YMCA.


We will meet at 9.00am at the park across from the YMCA and after planting this area move to Heritage Park for morning tea before planting that area. We will hopefully be done by lunch time, then go for a walk to the Little Red Bridge.


The plants, water crystals and fertilizer will be supplied by the River Trust and we will need to bring buckets and shovels and of course wear suitable protective gloves and boots.


For further information please call Rob McCosker 46835371

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