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This page is designed to provide handy links to on-line information resources for the easy access of members.

To open click on the 'click here' point when the site will open in a new window or tab, leaving this one open.

The Australian Naturalists Network - Register of Clubs can be accessed here.

The Toowoomba Field Naturalists have a blog here.

Another site from Toowoomba by Patricia Gardner about local plants that maybe of interest is here.

Vanessa and Chris Ryan are building a web site for Girraween National Park and are interested in adding material on the flora and fauna of the Park.  If you are interested you can see the web site here, or email .

The Queensland Naturalists' Club Inc. can be accessed here.

There are many good bookshops but one I found recently is a specialist in Natural History Books; Andrew Isles Bookshop, click here.

The Society for Growing Australian Plants is of interest to many members; click here.

The Queensland EPA is responsible for natural resource management including nature conservation and National Parks; for their main site click here.

For the Parks and Forests section click here.  There is a search facility for individual parks.

The Queensland Herbarium is part of the EPA, for direct access click here.  It has range of resources for botanists.

The Queensland Museum is a resource for fauna; click here.

The Museum has a section for spiders, click here,   and one for snakes, click here

A more specific spider guide for SE Queensland is by Ray Atkinson here.

The Australian Museum, Sydney, is a good resource too, click here for its online version.

It has a good fauna section on line, click here and select which is of interest.  A lot of the information applies to the southern Queensland fauna.

In addition it has a large selection of fact sheets on fauna, flora and biodiversity and others; also good and with links to more detailed sources of information; click here for the list.


The Field Nats accepts no responsibilty for the content of any websites contained within these Links.


Please submit any web sites that you feel should be included to the secretary.

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