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Stanthorpe Field Naturalists


Welcome to the Stanthorpe Field Naturalist Club Inc.

 Tongue OrchidMail Address:  Stanthorpe Field Naturalist Club Inc,       PO Box 154, Stanthorpe Qld. 4380.  EMAIL:- 

Meetings     4th Wednesday of each month at QCWA Rooms, Victoria Street, Stanthorpe, at 7.30pm. 

Outings: The Sunday preceding the 4th Wednesday of each month   

The latest newsletter can always be be found in the Documents folder.

The aims and objectives of the Club are on the 'Aims and Objectives' page.

Subscriptions for the 2015/16 financial year are DUE at the end of June and the Subscriptions page has a link to the application and renewal form for download.   

The Documents page holds links to previous newsletters and several other documents that may be of interest.

The Links page lists web sites that may be of interest to members, any others that may be of use to members should be forwarded to the .   

The office bearers and contact numbers are on the Committee page.

The Pictures page will open in a new window or tag and shows some ways of using Flickr with this web site to show pictures.

To comment on this web site and/or make suggestions please do not hesitate to contact

PLEASE NOTE:  This site changes often and users who have accessed it in the previous few days should ensure they get the latest version by pressing the REFRESH or RELOAD BUTTON on your web browser.

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