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WATER Granite Belt

WATER Granite Belt

WATER Granite Belt is a community group set up to investigate different processes
that will provide water security for Granite Belt urban and agricultural sectors.

Emu Swamp Dam [ESD] is one proposal of many put forward to remedy this situation.
The Emu Swamp Dam reports have many flaws and inconsistencies
in their business plans, population projections, water flows, projected ratepayer costs and so on,
as outlined by the WATER Granite Belt community Group. 

The proposed Emu Swamp Dam site lies on the Severn River 15 kilometres south from Stanthorpe, Queensland.
The Severn flows into the Murray Darling Basin, but being at the headwaters it gathers a relatively small amount of water. 
The river only runs for brief periods now, as many dams, weirs and harvest licences upstream have already captured the overland and river flow. 
It is said that staff members of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM, formerly DERM) describe the
Stanthorpe area as the most dammed/weired sub-catchment in the entire Murray Darling Basin. 


Southern Downs Regional Council Media Release
26th May 2016.

Border Rivers Water Resources Plan - Proposals
Submissions due by 31 August 2016.

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