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New Editors

If you would like to have your group appear on GraniteNet, fill out the following form. You may like to find out more about the GraniteNet project and how you can contribute to it.

Any not-for-profit community group can apply to have a page set up on GraniteNet. The groups themselves are responsible for editing their pages and keeping their pages up to date.

Initial training is provided on how to use ModX (the Content Management System that runs behind the scenes of GraniteNet). We encourage editors to share their knowledge and support each other by contributing to the Editors sections of the GraniteNet Wiki and the GraniteNet forum. Tutorial videos will be added to the Wiki to allow editors to learn and refresh their knowledge of editing functions.

Please contact us for more information on how you can have your group on GraniteNet.

Form for new groups to apply to join GraniteNet

Is this group not for profit?

Email address of person who will be main GraniteNet editor for your group
Contact person 1 Name
Contact person 1 Position in group
Contact person 1 Email address
Contact person 1 Phone number
Contact person 2 Name (We need the second person contact details in case the first person is uncontactable.)
Contact person 2 Position in group
Contact person 2 Email address
Contact person 2 Phone number
Please specify a preferred Subject/Category for your group
Please use this space to provide some initial content for your groups page (1000 characters max). This will be the content of your page until you can attend a training session.
You must agree to the following conditions:  

I agree to abide by the GraniteNet Copyright, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

I agree to abide by the GraniteNet Accessibility Policy and will endeavour to make sure my pages are accessible

I agree to regularly review and update my pages (at least once per year)

Agree that while we have no storage limits at the present time, in the future if my group uses excessive storage space (as compared to an average of other groups usage) that excess use may be limited or charged for to cover costs. If this limitation is implemented we will give you advice as to where else you can store your excess documents to avoid excess charges.

Please enter the anti spam code below:
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Please note that applications can take up to 2 weeks to be processed.

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