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This site is designed to meet W3C Web Accessibility guidelines.


Editors Accessibility Policy

All GraniteNet editors are expected to take reasonable efforts to make sure their pages meet accessibility standards.

If you are not sure whether your page meets accessibility standards or if you need help meeting these standards, please contact the GraniteNet Website Administrator.

Most simple pages will meet accessibilty standards by virtue of the templates used on this site.

Some common areas editors might cause accessibility issues are:

  • Images - you must always include descriptive text in the "Image Description" field when adding an image. This allows users using screen readers to understand what the image is about.
  • Word and other non-standard web documents - not everyone has access to Microsoft Word or other similar software. It is a good idea to provide documents in PDF format, rather than Word, and for PowerPoint slide shows to save them as either a PDF or a PowerPoint Show (.pps). Some free PDF converters are available.
  • Flash and other movie types - you must provide an equivalent, eg, captioning or storyboard of the movie. 
  • Tables - tables should only be used for tabular data, not for laying out content. You should use row and column headers.
  • Remember that other people might be using different software and hardware to you - eg. you might have a large monitor so you may insert a very large image that looks fine on your computer. But someone using an older monitor with 800x600 resolution might have trouble reading your page.
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