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July 16
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Tax Return

Local Tax Help Facility.

Get free help with your Tax Return.

Bookings before the 4th of August is Essential.

Ph: (07)4681-4384

May 10
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Wondering why your XP computer is no longer updating?

Microsoft Windows XP & Office 2003 support has now ended!

Microsoft is no longer releasing security updates for operating system Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and Internet Explorer 6! This means that there will be no further upgrades or security alerts and your computer will have increased exposure to malware attacks. If you are still running windows XP and have no intentions of upgrading, we have a few suggestions for you here...
May 10
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Android ransomware app discovered: Protect your phone and tablet.A new type of malicious Android ‘ransomware’ app uses fake police warnings and/or blocks access to your device, demanding money to unlock it. The attackers are believed to be targeting more than 30 countries, including Australia.
March 24
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GraniteNet Has Moved!We have relocated to 159 High Street (Agfa Camera Centre - next door to the Regal Cafe)
February 11
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Volunteers Urgently Needed

Do you stand out in a crowd? Do you want to learn a unique skill set? Do you have a passion for helping others? We need you!

GraniteNet is currently looking for dedicated volunteers in a range of skill sets. As a 100% not-for-profit volunteer run organisation, we need volunteers to keep the ball rolling, people like you can help make our community a better place, and open up learning opportunities for yourself and others...

January 13
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Dry heat means dust bunnies in your computer...If your PC's been humming along under your desk for more than a week or two, I've got news for you: Chances are inside that computer case, half a dozen dust bunnies are dancing around your hard drive, leeching onto your CPU fan and fluttering about your motherboard having a grand old time. This is not good and can cause undue wear and tear on your computer making it run hot, or even cause it to fail.
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